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PM Modi Slams Congress in Rajya Sabha: Questions on Guarantees Amidst Allegations

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, responding to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address in Rajya Sabha, took a firm stand against the Congress party, asserting that it lacks guarantees for its leaders and policies while daring to question ‘Modi’s Guarantees’. In a scathing rebuke, PM Modi criticized the grand old party for its historical stance against Dalits, backwards, and tribals.

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During his response, PM Modi highlighted the Congress’s track record of neglecting OBC reservations, overlooking reservations for the economically deprived in the general category, and not considering Babasaheb for Bharat Ratna. He questioned the party’s credibility in lecturing on social justice.

Accusing the Congress of strangling democracy for power and dismissing democratically elected governments, PM Modi emphasized that while the Congress was aware of the country’s problems, it failed to take meaningful actions to address them.

Reflecting on the economic history, PM Modi drew a sharp contrast between the Congress’s ten-year period as one of the ‘fragile five economies’ and his government’s decade, positioning India among the top five economies. He attributed this positive transformation to relentless hard work.

Addressing the historical context, PM Modi questioned the Congress’s inspiration from the British colonial mindset, pointing out inconsistencies in post-independence decisions. He queried the continuation of British-influenced laws and the persistence of the red beacon culture.

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Looking ahead, PM Modi expressed confidence in the upcoming elections, predicting a third term for his government. He envisioned the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) securing 400 seats, with the Bharatiya Janata Party individually garnering 370 seats. The Prime Minister also highlighted key achievements, including the construction of the Ram Temple, the abolition of Article 370, and the enactment of the Nari Shakti Adhiniyam, showcasing the power of women’s empowerment in various sectors.

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