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India’s Stance on Israel-Palestine Conflict: Sonia Gandhi’s Perspective

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India abstained from voting on a resolution calling for a truce in Israel, a decision that was criticized by Congress’s former president, Sonia Gandhi. In her article for The Media , she outlined India’s long-standing position regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. She emphasized the importance of supporting direct negotiations for a sovereign, independent, viable, and secure state of Palestine, coexisting peacefully with Israel.

Sonia Gandhi highlighted that India’s reaffirmation of its historic stance on Palestine occurred only after Israel’s assault on Gaza, pointing out that the Prime Minister’s initial statement expressed complete solidarity with Israel without mentioning Palestinian rights.

In her piece titled ‘A war where humanity is on trial now,’ Sonia Gandhi expressed strong opposition to India’s abstention on the UN resolution. She emphasized that both sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict desire dialogue as the way forward and deplored the partisanship of influential countries.

Sonia Gandhi stressed the importance of the international community actively working to end the conflict and called for a cessation of military activities to prevent an ongoing cycle of violence in the region.

India’s decision to abstain from voting on the resolution was accompanied by an explanation that it did not condemn Hamas’s attack. Instead, India voted in favor of an amendment proposed by Canada to condemn Hamas, underlining the country’s strong stance against terrorism. India’s External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar, emphasized the need for a consistent position on terrorism, emphasizing that India cannot differentiate between the seriousness of terrorism based on where it occurs.

Sonia Gandhi’s perspective on India’s approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict raises questions about the nation’s foreign policy stance and its role in resolving this ongoing conflict.

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