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India’s Pursuit, Bringing 24 Fugitives Home and Tackling International Crime

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In 2023, India’s active engagement with Interpol led to the successful repatriation of 24 fugitives while tracking 184 more scattered across various countries. This significant effort, highlighted during the 91st Interpol general assembly, emphasized the nation’s commitment to curbing crime and denying safe havens to criminals. Led by agency heads Praveen Sood and Dinkar Gupta, India’s push for collaboration aimed to combat crime by bringing offenders back to face justice.

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In recent years, India’s intensified cooperation with international agencies facilitated the return of over 65 individuals involved in criminal activities. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) highlighted the impact of enhanced Interpol coordination, which resulted in the repatriation of a notable number of wanted individuals, a figure deemed among the highest in a single year.

Alongside the repatriation efforts, Indian agencies have successfully located 184 criminals across different nations, initiating formal processes for their return. The CBI’s statement underscored the nation’s increasing reliance on Interpol networks and global law enforcement partnerships to combat criminal activities effectively.

This collaborative pursuit involves geolocating criminals through diverse means, utilizing technical data, phone tracking, and human intelligence to determine their whereabouts. Noteworthy instances of repatriation include individuals like Subhash Shankar Parab, closely associated with Nirav Modi, and Harpreet Singh, alias Happy Malaysia, linked to a significant court bomb blast in Ludhiana in 2021. These successful repatriations underscore India’s commitment to bringing fugitives to justice.

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