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Foreign-Made Trolls Target Australian Cricketers: Intelligence Suspects ISI Involvement

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In the aftermath of India’s loss in the World Cup Final, a wave of online harassment targeted Australian cricketers and their families. However, intelligence sources have revealed that the social media handles responsible for the death and rape threats do not originate from India. Instead, there are suspicions that they might be orchestrated by Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) to fuel tensions.

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Upon close examination, the handles involved in the outrageous acts were found to have no Indian involvement. Intelligence sources speculate, “This is possibly done by ISI and Pakistan-based social media handles who always create a tool kit to promote this kind of social media tension.”

Following India’s defeat against Australia, several cricket fans engaged in trolling the family members of Australian cricketers on their social media accounts. Notably, Vini Raman, the wife of Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell, publicly addressed the hateful messages she received on her Instagram account.

The sources emphasized that the trolling of cricketers is part of routine activities orchestrated by hate groups with ties to ISI and Pakistan. Instances like the trolling of Indian cricketer Mohd Shami are seen as attempts to create communal divides in the sports arena.

Despite reports suggesting a silent and unsupportive crowd in Ahmedabad stadium, the sources assert, “Indian audience is very reasonable and no such incident was reported in Ahmedabad stadium. People were even sitting till the last ball.”

The intelligence sources pointed out that the frustration from Pakistan has led to trolling activities, not causing significant concern in India. They noted, “Pakistan’s frustration has instigated trollers but there is not much concern in India over the incident.”

Moreover, the sources highlighted an attempt to break the morale of cricketers by associating their on-field actions with religious sentiments. They cited the example of Mohd Shami being trolled for sitting on the ground, connecting it to the religious act of ‘Sajda’. The sources dismissed the notion of a communal divide within sports, emphasizing the unity in sports and dressing rooms.

In a broader context, the sources referenced a recent controversial statement by former Pakistani cricketer Abdul Razzaq regarding Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai. The incident stirred a massive social media row, prompting Razzaq to issue a public apology.

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The intelligence sources attribute such comments to Pakistan’s frustration and underscore the need to separate sportsmanship from divisive sentiments.

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