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Cyclonic Storm Midhili Set to Bring Light Showers to Kolkata: Latest Weather Update

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In the most recent meteorological developments, all eyes are on the evolution of Cyclonic Storm Midhili, previously identified as a deep depression over the Bay of Bengal.

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The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has raised the alert, confirming that the weather disturbance has transformed into a cyclonic storm, boasting a maximum wind speed of 80 kmph.

As the storm intensifies, forecasters predict that Kolkata is on the radar for a bout of light rainfall, with the cyclonic system grazing the region.

The IMD emphasizes the significance of staying informed about the storm’s progression, urging residents to remain vigilant as Cyclonic Storm Midhili charts a north-northeastward course at a speed of 26 kmph over the past 6 hours.

Reflecting on recent weather patterns, Kolkata experienced a cloudy sky on November 17, with temperatures fluctuating between a maximum of 27 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 21 degrees Celsius.

With Cyclonic Storm Midhili’s potential impact, local authorities are advising residents to stay abreast of updates and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

The evolving weather conditions in the Bay of Bengal underscore the need for heightened awareness in Kolkata.

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As Cyclonic Storm Midhili gains momentum, the city braces for the possibility of light showers, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and timely action in the face of changing atmospheric dynamics.

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