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Cyclone Michaung Brings Light Rain to Kolkata, Temperature Dips

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Kolkata is experiencing light rain since Tuesday morning as Cyclone Michaung approaches, creating a persistent cloud cover over the city. Despite weather officials predicting no severe impact from the cyclone, the rain is expected to continue, leading to a temporary drop in temperatures.

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According to meteorological forecasts, the temperature in Kolkata is anticipated to hover around the normal range or slightly below, with a maximum of approximately 25˚C and a minimum of around 22˚C. While the rain has brought a temporary coolness, weather experts emphasize that this change is not indicative of a seasonal shift but rather a brief alteration in weather patterns.

The weather in Kolkata has been relatively warm, ranging between 28˚C and 30˚C for several weeks. However, the maximum temperature recorded a drop to 26.8° Celsius on Monday, hinting at the potential onset of colder days.

Cyclone Michaung is set to make landfall near Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday afternoon, marking the first cyclonic storm to cross the coast in over two years since Cyclone Gulab in September 2021. The cyclone has already claimed at least eight lives in Chennai, where heavy rain, triggered by the approaching storm, has led to significant flooding in various parts of the Tamil Nadu capital.

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As Kolkata braces for continued rainfall, the city awaits the passing of Cyclone Michaung, hoping for minimal disruptions and a return to normal weather conditions.

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