Friday, September 29, 2023

Cyclone Biparjoy Live Updates: PM Modi Leads Review Meeting; NDRF Deploys Rapid Response Teams in Mumbai and Gujarat

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Tracking Cyclone Biparjoy: As Cyclone Biparjoy approaches the coasts of Saurashtra and Kutch, authorities have initiated evacuation measures for residents in coastal districts of Gujarat. The cyclone is expected to make landfall on June 15.

Live Updates on Cyclone Biparjoy: Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a comprehensive review meeting to assess the preparedness and response strategies for Cyclone Biparjoy on Monday. During the meeting, the Prime Minister directed senior officials to ensure the safe evacuation of individuals residing in vulnerable areas, emphasizing the importance of their well-being. He also instructed them to prioritize the restoration of essential services, including power, telecommunications, healthcare, and drinking water, in the event of any disruption caused by the cyclone.

In a proactive move, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has deployed additional teams to Mumbai and Gujarat. As per reports from news agency ANI, five teams have been stationed in Mumbai, while four additional teams have been dispatched to Gujarat. NDRF officials stated that the reinforcement is a precautionary measure considering the anticipated impact of Cyclone Biparjoy in these regions. Furthermore, teams stationed in Pune are on standby, ready to respond as needed.

With Biparjoy intensifying into an “extremely severe cyclonic storm,” classified as the second-highest category in terms of strength, the Gujarat government has declared holidays for schools in coastal districts. The precautionary measure aims to ensure the safety of students and staff. Additionally, authorities in coastal Devbhumi Dwarka have already relocated approximately 1,300 individuals to safer locations.

The Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre (RSMC) based in India has issued a bulletin warning of storm surges of 2-3 meters, potential damage to infrastructure such as houses, roads, and crops, as well as disruptions to transportation, power supply, and signaling systems in the northern and western coastal districts of Gujarat.

Stay tuned for further updates as authorities continue to closely monitor and respond to Cyclone Biparjoy, prioritizing the safety and well-being of the affected communities.

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