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Bihar to Enact Legislation for 75% Reservation Quota, Announces Nitish Kumar After Caste Survey

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In a significant move, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar revealed the state’s plans to introduce a new bill aimed at increasing reservation quotas for various communities. This announcement follows the recent release of socio-economic data from a comprehensive caste survey.

According to Kumar, “Bihar has undertaken thorough research to present the facts transparently. After the implementation of a 75% quota, 25% of seats will be available without reservations. This increase in reservation quotas aims to provide a fairer distribution for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and Extremely Backward Classes (EBCs) based on their population.”

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Moreover, Kumar expressed his intent to appeal to the central government to conduct a nationwide caste census, which he believes will substantially benefit economically disadvantaged individuals. He emphasized that Bihar is prepared to share its data with the central government and outline the steps taken to alleviate poverty. The proposed bill will be introduced in the current legislative session.

Under this new plan, 65% of the reservation will be allocated to Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), Other Backward Classes (OBCs), and Extremely Backward Classes (EBCs), while the remaining 10% will be reserved for economically weaker sections (EWS) within the upper caste. Importantly, this exceeds the previous 50% cap set by the Supreme Court.

The caste survey findings indicate that nearly 33% of individuals from backward and extremely backward classes in Bihar live in poverty, with households earning less than ₹6,000 per month being classified as poor.

Kumar also disclosed the government’s plans to provide one-time assistance of ₹2 lakh to impoverished families to facilitate self-employment opportunities. Additionally, the government intends to support the homeless by offering financial aid for land purchase and house construction. The assistance for land purchase will be increased to ₹1 lakh, and there is already a policy in place for ₹1.20 lakh for building houses.

While some raised concerns about the announcement’s timing, Kumar emphasized that this achievement was made possible through the collective effort of all political parties. He also highlighted the long-standing demand for a caste census, emphasizing that this is the first such survey since 1931.

Kumar advocated for a central government-led caste census, stating that it is long overdue and would bring numerous benefits. He explained that a substantial workforce was dedicated to this task after receiving proper training, ensuring accurate results.

The Patna High Court endorsed the legitimacy of the caste survey, underlining its value as a reference document for future social research. Despite initial concerns and delays, both the high court and the Supreme Court later affirmed its validity.

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While many praised the government’s initiative, there were calls for a closer examination of the data to verify the ground reality.

This development signifies a significant step toward creating a more equitable society in Bihar and addressing the needs of marginalized communities. Stay tuned with chennaiprint.in for further updates on this important legislative action.

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