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Bengaluru Heist: Video Captures Two Men Allegedly Stealing ₹13 Lakh from Parked BMW

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In a recent video that surfaced from Bengaluru, a shocking incident unfolded as two individuals were caught on camera smashing the window of a parked BMW car and allegedly making off with ₹13 lakh in cash. The incident occurred on October 20, as reported by news agency ANI. The local police have swiftly initiated an investigation into this daring heist, aiming to identify and locate the culprits involved. However, no arrests had been made as of the time this initial report emerged.

The precise location of the crime remains unconfirmed, but crucial evidence has been provided through CCTV footage, courtesy of the Bengaluru police. In the video, the suspects are seen arriving at the scene on a two-wheeler. The pillion rider dismounts and proceeds to smash the car’s window, specifically targeting the side where the driver is typically seated.

The footage further reveals that the daring culprit, who shattered the window, managed to insert himself inside the car through the broken window and swiftly grabbed a bag, believed to contain the substantial sum of money.

Both culprits, captured on CCTV footage wearing face masks, then made a hasty getaway on their motorbike. This incident brings into focus the concerning issue of crimes in Bengaluru, a city often referred to as the tech capital of India.

Official data indicates that in the year 2022, Bengaluru witnessed a total of 478 reported cases of robbery. Remarkably, 351 of these cases were successfully detected, underlining the city’s commitment to tackling such criminal activities. The ongoing investigation into this audacious heist demonstrates the local authorities’ determination to maintain law and order in the bustling metropolis.

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