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OnePlus Open Demonstrates Remarkable Durability in Rigorous Testing – A Game-Changer in Foldable Phones

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In a recent durability test conducted by renowned YouTuber Zack Nelson, popularly known as JerryRigEverything, the OnePlus Open smartphone has emerged as a stalwart contender in the realm of foldable devices. This testing has alleviated concerns about the long-term durability of foldable phones, establishing the OnePlus Open as a robust and reliable option in this burgeoning market.

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The comprehensive durability examination covered classic benchmarks such as scratching, burning, and assessing ingress protection. The outer 6.31-inch cover display, featuring proprietary Ceramic Guard protection, effortlessly withstood a Mohs level 7 pick, showcasing exceptional scratch resistance. However, the inner screen, made with Ultra Thin Glass, exhibited some vulnerability with level 3 scratches, aligning with the typical nature of flexible screens.

Remarkably, the back panel and camera module demonstrated scratch resistance, emphasizing the phone’s overall durability. The OnePlus Open’s hinge, designed for over a million folding cycles, showcased exceptional strength in the face of unconventional testing, including gravel introduction and repeated opening and closing. The IPX4 ingress protection effectively prevented dust and debris from compromising the hinge mechanism.

In the pivotal bending test, where many foldables falter, the OnePlus Open exhibited resilience. Even when bent beyond 180 degrees in both folded and unfolded states, the device displayed flexibility but returned to its original form once pressure was released. Notably, the flexible screen, while altered in its folding behavior, continued to function flawlessly.

The strategic use of materials like titanium alloy and carbon fiber in its frame, coupled with a refined hinge design, contributed to the OnePlus Open’s exceptional durability. This successful durability test not only alleviates concerns about the longevity of foldable phones but also positions the OnePlus Open as a standout in the foldable phone landscape.

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With its combination of strength and a relatively lightweight design, OnePlus has solidified its position, marking the OnePlus Open as a leading contender in the foldable smartphone market.

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