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iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen Burn-In Issues: What You Need to Know

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Apple’s newest flagship, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, has encountered an unexpected challenge – screen burn-in problems, adding to a string of issues the tech giant has faced this year. Screen burn-in is a condition where an image lingers on the screen for an extended period and remains visible even as the displayed content changes. This problem is more prevalent in devices with OLED displays, where the image can persist even when the device is powered off.

1. Concerns Growing Around iPhone 15 Pro Max Display

Numerous users of the iPhone 15 Pro Max have taken to platforms like Reddit to share their experiences with screen burn-in. They’ve reported issues such as faint outlines of virtual keyboards, where individual letters on each key remain visible. One Reddit user commented, “I have the same issue. Apple will replace it. It seems relatively uncommon; I’ve seen about 5 reports in total. But it’s certainly a real issue with the 15 Pro Max that previous generations haven’t had.”

2. Image Retention vs. Permanent Burn-In

Typically, screen burn-in starts as image retention, where a faint outline of a previous screen remains visible but gradually fades over time. To prevent image retention from evolving into permanent burn-in, users should power off their devices when not in use. Apps that display static images for extended durations or feature unchanging screen elements, such as Google Maps, are more likely to cause screen burn-in.

3. Addressing the Burn-In Issue

The screen burn-in problem observed in iPhone 15 Pro Max devices raises concerns for both Apple and its users. While it currently appears to be relatively uncommon, it’s important to note that screen burn-in is a gradual process that develops over an extended period. This hints at potential imperfections in the OLED displays used in these devices.

If you are experiencing screen burn-in, it’s advisable to contact Apple for a replacement. It’s a good practice to take proactive steps to prevent image retention from transforming into permanent burn-in. For a device as advanced as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, ensuring its display’s longevity is vital to maintain an optimal user experience.

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