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Apple’s Vision Pro Faces Weighty Challenge: Overcoming Discomfort in Extended Use

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Apple’s much-anticipated Vision Pro has recently come under scrutiny, with early hands-on demos revealing discomfort issues during prolonged usage. Despite garnering positive feedback for its immersive entertainment capabilities, reports from Engadget and The Verge highlight a significant drawback—the headset’s weight.

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During a preview on January 16, Engadget’s Cherlynn Low praised the Vision Pro’s ability to deliver an immersive entertainment experience but raised a crucial concern. Low emphasized that even the most advanced heads-up display becomes impractical if discomfort sets in, an issue she experienced 15 minutes into the demo. Similarly, The Verge’s Victoria Song reported feeling pressure on her brow, leading to a mild headache.

This discomfort issue has been acknowledged by early testers. Apple has indeed introduced a solution in the form of the Dual Loop Band, featuring a strap over the top of the head and one around the back. While the effectiveness of this additional strap remains uncertain, initial reports did not mention discomfort after its use.

Despite the temporary fix, concerns persist, and it remains uncertain whether Apple will address the weight issue before the US launch in February. However, speculations arise regarding potential changes for the international release, as noted by industry insider Ming Chi Kuo. Kuo suggests that the Vision Pro might see a global rollout just before WWDC 2024 in June, where Apple plans to introduce visionOS and promote a spatial computing ecosystem.

Several obstacles hinder the global release, including a limited supply of Vision Pro units and the need for software adjustments to comply with international regulations. Kuo emphasizes that resolving these issues promptly will expedite the availability of Vision Pro in more countries.

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While the initial countries for the global release remain undisclosed, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that Canada, China, and the UK are under consideration. As Apple works to ensure a seamless US launch, the international release of this innovative gadget awaits resolution of these challenges.

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