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Warren Buffett’s Timeless Investment Wisdom: 9 Quotes That Still Resonate After 40 Years

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Warren Buffett, renowned CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, shared enduring investment insights in his first-ever national TV interview almost four decades ago. Despite the passage of time, these nine quotes encapsulate the essence of Buffett’s unwavering views on investment.

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  1. “The first rule of an investment is don’t lose. And the second rule of investment is don’t forget the first rule. If you buy things for far below what they’re worth, and you buy a group of them, you basically don’t lose money.”
  2. “It’s the temperamental quality, not an intellectual quality. You don’t need tons of IQ in this business. You need a stable personality and a temperament that neither derives great pleasure from being with the crowd nor against the crowd.”
  3. “They do not really think of themselves as owning a piece of a business. The real test of whether you’re investing from a value standpoint is whether you care whether the stock market is open tomorrow.”
  4. “All the ticker tells me is the price. I would rather value a stock or a business first, not even know the price, and then look at the price later to see whether it’s way out of line with my valuation.”
  5. “Unlike Wall Street, you’ll notice we don’t have 50 people coming up and whispering in our ear. If I were on Wall Street, I’d probably be a lot poorer. You get overstimulated on Wall Street, and a short focus is not conducive to long profits.”
  6. “I really haven’t [ever bought a technology company]. I haven’t understood any of them. Never owned IBM.”
  7. “I don’t have to make money in every game. Why should I know all about it? I haven’t worked that hard on it.”
  8. “There are no called strikes in the business. You don’t have to swing at any of them. You can sit there and watch thousands of pitches and finally get one right where you wanted.”

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9. “If I were being asked to participate in a business opportunity, would it make any difference to me whether I bought it on a Tuesday or a Saturday? So why think about it when buying stocks? Because stocks are just pieces of businesses.”

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