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Unveiling the Quirky Tale Behind “Ishq Wala Love” in Student Of The Year: Karan Johar’s Revelations

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In the realm of Bollywood, Karan Johar’s 2012 film, Student Of The Year, etched its mark not only for launching the careers of Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt, and Varun Dhawan but also for its chart-topping song “Ishq Wala Love.” However, in a recent revelation, Karan Johar shared his candid thoughts on the seemingly senseless title, shedding light on an amusing anecdote involving composers Vishal and Shekhar.

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The romantic anthem, “Ishq Wala Love,” became a youth sensation, resonating with audiences far beyond the film’s narrative. However, Johar, in a surprising turn, expressed his bemusement over the song’s title, asserting that it made “no sense” due to the redundancy of the words “ishq” and “love.”

According to Johar, the mismatched title prompted a wave of parody videos across social media platforms, with one notable mention being TVF’s initiation into the world of parody with their rendition of “Ishq Wala Love.” Johar quoted, “It made absolutely no sense. I remember so many parody videos were made, and TVF started their career with a parody video of ‘Ishq Wala Love.’ They kept saying things like ‘black wala kaala and laal wala red’ and it was actually ridiculous. It made no sense.”

Adding a humorous touch, Johar shared his personal interpretation, stating that for him, “ishq” signifies a “higher form of love.” This revelation, however, left composers Vishal and Shekhar in a state of bewilderment when they first learned of the song’s title. Johar recounted the moment, saying, “I told Vishal and Shekhar ‘Ishq wala love’ and they looked really traumatized. They said, ‘Karan, you do know these are the same things, right?’ I said no, I am just looking at it with flamboyance.”

The quirky tale behind the song adds an amusing layer to the film’s narrative, which revolves around a love triangle among three students—Abhimanyu, Shanaya, and Rohan—as they prepare for the student of the year competition. Released in 2012, the movie not only marked the Bollywood debuts of the three talented actors but also featured the late Rishi Kapoor in a memorable role.

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Student Of The Year remains a testament to love, friendship, and the roller coaster of emotions that accompany the journey of young hearts in the world of academia and competition. Karan Johar’s candid revelations about “Ishq Wala Love” provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative process, showcasing the playful flamboyance that often defines the world of Bollywood.

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