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Resolution Prevails: Sophie Turner Withdraws ‘Wrongful Retention’ Allegations Against Joe Jonas in Custody Battle

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In the latest development of the Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas custody battle for their daughters, a significant resolution has emerged. Turner has opted to withdraw the claims of “wrongful retention” against her estranged husband, marking a pivotal moment in their legal journey.

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This decision was endorsed by a US judge, following the approval of a consent plan mutually agreed upon by both celebrities. Notably, this plan had received prior sanction from a UK judge just last week.

Last September, Turner filed a lawsuit against Jonas, accusing him of wrongfully retaining their daughters and withholding their passports, thereby obstructing their return to England. The legal complaint sought the prompt return of their two daughters, 3-year-old Will and 1-year-old Delphine, citing wrongful removal or retention with the alleged incident commencing on September 20th.

The resolution, characterized by the dismissal “with prejudice and without attorneys’ fees, expenses, costs, and/or disbursements awarded to either party,” was finalized subsequent to the approval of their parenting agreement in the UK on January 11th.

Addressing the temporary arrangements prior to the dismissal, Jonas issued a statement challenging Turner’s allegations and expressing his belief in a collaborative co-parenting plan. Notably, on September 25, 2023, the two parties reached a temporary agreement as documented in filings in New York. The interim consent order specified instructions for Turner and Jonas to keep their children within the Southern and Eastern districts of New York.

Beyond the legal realm, significant personal developments unfolded. On September 5th, Jonas officially filed for the dissolution of marriage in Miami, marking the end of their four-year union. The filing asserted that “the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken” and highlighted the presence of a prenuptial agreement. Post-divorce, both individuals appear to have moved on, with Turner seen kissing Preregrine Pearson, and Jonas spotted with model Stormi Bree in Mexico earlier this month.

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This resolution marks a crucial turning point in the tumultuous custody battle, signaling a collaborative effort between the former couple to navigate co-parenting responsibilities.

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