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Rashami Desai Criticizes Ranveer Singh-Johnny Sins’ Men’s Health Ad, Labels It ‘Humiliating and Unexpected

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Daily soap sensation Rashami Desai recently expressed her disapproval of the viral men’s sexual health advertisement featuring Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins. On her Instagram story, she deemed the ad as “humiliating” and “highly unexpected.”

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Mumbai: Renowned daily soap actress Rashami Desai took aim at the commercial collaboration between Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins, addressing men’s sexual health issues. What caught her attention was the ad’s setting, reminiscent of Indian serials, with characters and presentation style embracing a desi touch. Rashami’s unequivocal stance against Ranveer and Johnny’s ad was crystal clear. Taking to her social media, she termed the ad a ‘humiliation’ and likened it to a ‘slap on the face.’ Here’s a glimpse of Rashami Desai’s strong statement.

Rashami Desai Takes a Stand Against Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins’ Sexual Health Ad

On her Instagram account, Rashami Desai penned a detailed message on her story, expressing, “I began my journey in the regional film industry and then ventured into television. People often refer to it as the small screen, where viewers engage in news, cricket, Bollywood films, and more. However, after witnessing this reel, which was highly unexpected, I felt it was a humiliation to the entire TV industry and those associated with it.”

The seasoned actress continued, “We are always made to feel smaller and treated as such. Actors aspire to work on the big screen too, and this is exactly how we are treated. Everyone is putting in hard work, but not everything is showcased on TV shows. This is a reality check for the TV industry, a slap in the face. Maybe I’m overreacting, but we showcase culture and love to our audience. I’m hurt because I have a respectful journey in the TV industry. I hope you understand the emotion.”

‘I Aim to Raise Awareness,’ Asserts Ranveer Singh

In the latest commercial for #TakeBoldCareOfHer, Ranveer Singh takes the lead as the brand’s face. The ad gained instant popularity on social media, with fans appreciating the crossover of Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh in a desi ad. During a press conference, Ranveer emphasized, “I’m here with a sincere intent to use my influence for raising awareness and making a positive impact. The Bold Care campaign is more than talk; it’s a mission I am deeply connected to, aiming for tangible solutions and impacting millions of lives across the country.”

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While many supported Ranveer’s commercial, others questioned his collaboration with the adult star, sparking a conversation around the unconventional pairing.

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