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Radhika Apte’s Airport Ordeal: Locked in Aerobridge Chaos

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Bollywood sensation Radhika Apte, known for her recent appearance in Merry Christmas, took to Instagram to recount a distressing experience after her flight faced unexpected delays.

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In a series of visuals shared on Saturday morning, the actress revealed that she, along with her fellow passengers, found themselves trapped in the aerobridge at the airport, with security unwilling to open the doors.

The accompanying video clips and images portrayed a scene of frustration and confusion, with people engaging with security personnel behind a locked glass door. Radhika Apte was captured sitting on the floor, highlighting the predicament of passengers who had been locked inside the aerobridge for over an hour, devoid of basic necessities such as water and restroom access.


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Expressing her frustration in the caption, Radhika disclosed the ordeal, stating that her 8:30 am flight had yet to board by 10:50 am. The airline, in an unusual move, ushered passengers into the aerobridge only to lock them in, leaving those with infants and elderly individuals stranded. According to Radhika, the staff remained oblivious to the situation, claiming there was no delay.

“The crew had a change, and they are still waiting for new crew, but they have no idea of when they will arrive, so no one knows how long they’ll be locked inside. I managed to escape briefly to speak to the very obtuse staff woman outside who kept saying there is no issue and no delay.

Now I’m locked inside, and they just told us that we will be here till a minimum of 12 pm, all locked in. No water, no loo. Thanks for the fun ride!!” Radhika added.

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It’s worth noting that Radhika Apte recently showcased her talent in Sriram Raghavan’s neo-noir mystery thriller film, Merry Christmas, featuring alongside Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi. Despite her cameo role as Rosie, the film garnered attention for its intriguing plot. Released in theaters on January 12, 2024, Merry Christmas marked another milestone in Radhika Apte’s diverse acting career.

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