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Mammootty Clarifies Rumors About Joining Rajinikanth’s ‘Thalaivar 171’ and Teases Future Plans

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Renowned actor Mammootty, who has recently graced the silver screen with ‘Kaathal – The Core,’ addressed speculations surrounding his involvement in Superstar Rajinikanth’s upcoming venture, ‘Thalaivar 171,’ alongside director Lokesh Kanagaraj. In a recent interview during the promotions of his latest release, Mammootty set the record straight on these rumors, shedding light on his upcoming projects and future cinematic endeavors.

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Amidst the buzz generated by the rumors linking Mammootty to ‘Thalaivar 171,’ the actor chuckled at the speculations. Responding to a query about his potential collaboration with Rajinikanth and Lokesh Kanagaraj, Mammootty debunked the rumors, stating, “I have also heard the news. There’s no truth to them.” Playfully alluding to his contentment with Malayalam cinema, he quipped, “Isn’t Malayalam cinema enough for me? Let them call, and then I shall think about it.”

As Mammootty’s latest offering, ‘Kaathal – The Core,’ graces theaters on November 23, the actor took the opportunity to share insights into his upcoming projects. With ‘Thalaivar 170’ currently in progress, Mammootty is poised to immerse himself in the cinematic canvas of director TJ Gnanavel before potentially considering future collaborations beyond the realms of Malayalam cinema.

The veteran actor, at 72, continues to showcase his versatility by embracing diverse genres in his filmography. Concluding 2023 with the release of ‘Kaathal – The Core,’ helmed by director Jeo Baby of ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ fame, Mammootty enthusiasts can also anticipate his presence in the much-anticipated Malayalam film, ‘Bramayugam.’ Further stoking anticipation, Mammootty has intriguing projects like ‘Bazooka,’ ‘Turbo,’ and ‘Kadungannawa Oru Yatra’ lined up for the cinematic journey ahead.

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Mammootty’s enduring commitment to reinvention and exploration of varied genres reaffirms his enduring legacy in the world of cinema. While rumors of ‘Thalaivar 171’ collaboration may be quashed for now, the actor’s witty response leaves the door ajar for future possibilities in the ever-evolving landscape of Lokesh Cinematic Universe.

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