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Mahira Khan Dazzles with a ‘Maahi Ve’ Dance Performance at Pre-Wedding Celebration

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Mahira Khan, the celebrated Pakistani actress, has been treating her fans to glimpses of her joyous wedding celebrations. In her latest post, Mahira shares a heartwarming dance performance and the heartfelt moments that unfolded during her pre-wedding function.

Celebration and Dance

Mahira Khan’s wedding festivities have been a source of immense joy for her, surrounded by her cousins, friends, and loved ones. In her recent post, she revealed how her friends and cousins insisted on organizing a dance performance to ensure everyone had an unforgettable time. Mahira was captured dancing to the iconic Shah Rukh Khan’s song, “Maahi Ve.”

Mahira shared her initial reservations, saying, “So when I told my friends about the wedding… I also laid out a few ‘requests’. This is how they went – Me – Guys please, I’m too old for dances, can we not have dances? Friends – No, we have to. M – Ok, just one? F – Hell No. M – Ok, please no dholkis before Bhurban. We should all just chill. F – talk to the ✋🏼.”


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A Celebration of Love and Friendship

As the wedding date approached, Mahira realized that her friends and cousins were determined to celebrate her and her partner. She reflected on the deep bonds they shared, saying, “My childhood friends, work friends, my cousins… had seen it all with me – held me when I was down and clapped when I succeeded. I had done the same with them.”

In a heartfelt note, she expressed her love and gratitude to her “insanely amazing” family, writing, “To these insanely amazing humans I call family. I love you all so freaking much. Alhumdulillah. MashAllah. 🧿.”

Mahira Khan also shared a special moment when her best friend surprised her at the Mehndi ceremony on her birthday, adding, “I love you my insia lotia. Always and forever ♥️.”

Warm Wishes from Friends

Mahira Khan’s post garnered attention and warm wishes from fellow celebrities. Varun Dhawan congratulated her, saying, “Congratulations mahirah u deserve all the happiness bob.”

Radiance in Red and White

In a separate set of photos, Mahira looked stunning in a red and white floral print lehenga set, radiating joy and happiness.

A New Beginning

Mahira Khan tied the knot with her longtime partner, entrepreneur Salim Karim, on October 1.

The wedding reportedly took place in Bhurban, Pakistan. This marks a new chapter in her life after her previous marriage to Ali Askari, with whom she shares a 13-year-old son, Azlan. The couple separated in 2015.

As Mahira Khan embarks on this new journey of love and togetherness, her fans and well-wishers are thrilled for her and eagerly await more glimpses of her beautiful wedding celebrations.

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