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Jawan Extended Scenes on Netflix: Audience Reactions and the ‘Extended Version’ Controversy

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Recently, the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer “Jawan” made its debut on Netflix with an ‘extended version.’ This move generated significant buzz among fans and the audience, who were eager to see what new content the extended version had to offer. However, as viewers delved into this extended cut, it sparked a wave of reactions and discussions on social media, with some labeling it a ‘scam.’

The ‘extended version’ of “Jawan” was launched on Netflix on November 2, and it was promoted as containing unseen scenes that were not part of the theatrical release. The extended version aimed to provide fans with an enhanced viewing experience, but it appears that the actual content didn’t live up to the expectations set by the promotion.

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Netizens, including Shah Rukh Khan’s dedicated fanbase, expressed their disappointment on social media, with many feeling that the ‘extended version’ didn’t truly offer anything exclusive. Instead, it featured mere extensions of songs and a few additional scenes that didn’t significantly contribute to the overall storyline. The final runtime of “Jawan” for the big screens was 165 minutes (2 hours and 45 minutes), while the Netflix version clocks in at 170 minutes, adding just five minutes of extra footage.

What Did the Extended Version of “Jawan” Offer? The added scenes included elements like Lakshmi’s backstory (played by Priyamani), Pappu’s (the Health Minister’s assistant) change of heart, Inspector Madhavan Naik’s (played by Sanjay Dutt) ridicule for not arresting Azaad and his gang of women, and the compensation provided to Kalee’s victims. Some fans were hoping for more scenes featuring Nayanthara, especially after she mentioned that many of her scenes were left out from the theatrical cut. However, the extended version did not introduce any significant surprises or additions to the existing storyline.

Fans Express Their Disappointment:

Audience reactions on social media varied, with some expressing their disappointment at the extended version. One user stated, “Jawan extended cut ke naam pe Zinda Banda aur Chaleya ka pura version daal diya Kya Chu log hai bc sahi mein (sic).” Another user remarked, “Jawan extended cut is a scam for its viewers. Please don’t do this, filmmakers. Previously, it was ‘Pathan’ that used the same tactics (sic).”

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“Jawan,” with a remarkable worldwide collection of Rs 1,160 crore and a domestic nett collection of Rs 640.25 crore, stands as one of the biggest Indian blockbusters in recent times. Directed by Atlee, the film marks Shah Rukh Khan’s second significant box-office success of the year.

As the controversy surrounding the ‘extended version’ of “Jawan” continues to unfold, fans and the audience are left with mixed feelings about the additional content offered on Netflix.

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