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Get Ready for Spooky Season: Nintendo Switch’s Top 12 Halloween-Ready Games

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When you think of spooky games for Halloween, the Nintendo Switch may not be the first console that comes to mind. However, Nintendo has a list of 12 “fang-tastic” Switch games that will be available before the end of October, and it’s the perfect treat for gamers this Halloween season.

While Nintendo took some creative liberties with the list, it’s still a collection of Switch games that can add some eerie excitement to your gaming library. Some fit the Halloween theme better than others, but they all promise a ghoulishly good time.

Here’s the lineup of 12 spine-chilling games recommended by Nintendo for the Switch:

  1. Super Mario Bros. Wonder ($59.99) – Arriving on October 20
  2. Metal Gear Solid Collection Vol. 1 ($59.99) – Coming on October 24
  3. Vampire Survivors ($4.99) – Available Now
  4. Metroid Prime Remastered ($39.99) – Ready to Play
  5. Bayonetta 3 ($59.99) – Available Now
  6. Monster Hunter Rise ($39.99) – Ready to Play
  7. Don’t Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition ($4.99) – Ready to Play
  8. Hades ($24.99) – Ready to Play
  9. The Last Friend ($14.99) – Ready to Play
  10. Luigi’s Mansion 3 ($59.99) – Ready to Play
  11. Castlevania Anniversary Collection ($19.99) – Ready to Play
  12. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition ($69.99) – Ready to Play

This selection offers a fantastic range of games, with varying degrees of spookiness and overall gaming quality. Leading the pack is Hades, a thrilling roguelike action game that follows Zagreus, Hades’ son, on a quest to escape the Underworld and reunite with his mother, Persephone. With its engaging gameplay, challenging levels, and remarkable voice acting, Hades is a standout title.

Other highlights include Luigi’s Mansion 3, where you’ll capture ghosts, the vampire-hunting action of the Castlevania series, and the demon-slaying action of Bayonetta 3. But if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, Vampire Survivors is an essential addition. This $5 game created a new genre and remains one of the best in its class.

For those wondering about some of the other titles on the list, Nintendo explains that Super Mario Bros. Wonder includes chain chomps, Metal Gear Solid introduces characters like Sniper Wolf and possibly a vampire, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim lets you become a vampire or a werewolf, adding a supernatural twist to your adventure.

With these 12 Halloween-ready games, Nintendo Switch users can embrace the spooky season and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience throughout the month of October.

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