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Clash between Trivikram Srinivas and Mahesh Babu? SSMB 28 Movie in trouble

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Mahesh Babu Next Movie: Mahesh Babu’s 28th film ‘SSMB 28’ has been denied by the film’s producer Naga Vamsi.

Mahesh Babu’s ‘SSMP 28’ film, which fans celebrate as the superstar actor of Telugu film industry, has now become the talk of the town in Telugu film industry. Mahesh Babu’s 28th film ‘SSMP 28’ has been the talk of the town since its inception. Initially the announcement of the film was released, after that no official information about the film was released.

As a result of which the fans were upset that the film was abandoned, the film team released the official announcement of the film through a video and satisfied the fans. Now again the movie ‘SSMB 28’ is making a lot of buzz in the Telugu film industry. That is, the news spread that there was a problem in the work of the film as the actor Mahesh Babu asked to re-shoot some scenes.

But the film’s producer Suryadevara Naga Vamsi denied the news saying it was rumour. He also said that no scenes were re-shot, the scenes that had already been shot remained the same. After the rumors that Mahesh Babu has asked to reshoot some scenes, some more rumors are doing the rounds. In other words, there were reports that Mahesh Babu refused to come to the shoot due to the high heat during this summer. After that, the film crew said that this news is also a rumour. In the context of rumors about the film ‘SSMB 28’, the producer of the film Naga Vamsi has shared some things on his Twitter page.

In his tweet, “If these rumor mongers take a big decision and make movies like spreading rumours, the industry can benefit well.” We hope and wish #SSMB28 will be a blockbuster movie for sure. Keep in mind that this movie is releasing in January 2024. “Wait till May 31 and see what we are going to do,” he said. It is not known what challenges the film ‘SSMB 28’ will face before its release. There are various rumors about script change, music director change and stunt masters change.

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The work of the film started in September 2022. Actresses including Srileela and Pooja Hegde participated in the initial shoot of the film. There were reports that due to Mahesh Babu’s displeasure, the stunt masters contracted for the film were changed and previously shot action sequences were deleted, causing a loss of Rs 5 crore to the crew. The next scene in a shopping mall was not satisfactory to director Trivikram Srinivas and there were reports that he wanted to delete the scene, which would cause problems for the film.

But Mahesh Babu is satisfied with this scene, so talks are going on with the director and the actor whether the scenes should be deleted or kept intact. There are reports that ‘SSMB 28’ is facing many problems due to the expectations of both Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Srinivas. However, the film’s producer Suryadevara Naga Vamsi denied all these rumours.

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