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BTS Star Takes Center Stage with ‘Golden’ and ‘Hate You’ Live Performance

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BTS’s golden maknae, Jungkook, delivered an electrifying live performance on November 20, 2023, captivating the ARMY with renditions of his most cherished songs at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul. The atmosphere was ablaze with excitement as fans worldwide tuned in to the live-stream via the Weverse app on the BTS channel, with subtitles available in multiple languages.

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Jungkook’s Dazzling Setlist:

The 26-year-old sensation treated the audience to a diverse array of songs, showcasing his vocal prowess and stage presence. The setlist included hits like “Standing Next to You,” “Yes or No,” “Somebody,” “Closer to You,” “3D,” “GCF in Budapest,” “Hate You,” “Shot Glass of Tears,” “Too Sad to Dance,” “Please Don’t Change,” “Seven,” and more. The encore featured soulful performances of “Magic Shop” and “Still With You.”

Bandmates’ Virtual Cheers:

Jungkook received virtual and personal support from his fellow BTS members during the concert. J-Hope, also known as Hobi, hyped up the atmosphere by logging into the comments section before the show, expressing his anticipation and excitement for Jungkook’s live performance.

During the rendition of ‘Hate You,’ Jimin, another bandmate, couldn’t contain his admiration, commenting, “Woow~, you’re so cool, a song I like so much 😍 (hate you).”

RM, also known as Namjoon, added a personal touch to the concert as he attended in person. Surprising Jungkook with a greeting from the audience, Namjoon praised, “Hello! Jeon Jungkook. You’re so cool!” Jungkook, with a smile, playfully asked about the origin of Namjoon’s dialect, to which Namjoon responded with admiration for Jungkook’s talents.

Namjoon shared the reason for his solo attendance, explaining, “The other members all have shoots today, and I’m the one who gave him the nickname! I had to come.”

Crowd Chants “Jungkookie!”:

One of the heartwarming moments from the concert unfolded when the crowd, both virtually and in-person, initiated a chant of “Jungkookie!” Jungkook graciously accepted the affectionate nickname, creating a connection that resonated through the arena.

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Jungkook’s live performance showcased not only his musical prowess but also the camaraderie and support among the BTS members. As the cheers reverberated, it became a testament to the enduring bond between Jungkook and the ARMY.

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