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Mufin Green Finance: A Multibagger NBFC Stock Soars to New Heights, Up 400% in Six Months

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Mufin Green Finance Limited, a standout multibagger stock in the Indian market, has reached an impressive milestone, hitting a lifetime high with a remarkable 400% surge in the last six months. The stock, which started at around ₹44.40 per share, has now reached ₹219.25 per share, showcasing significant appreciation.

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The latest trading session saw Mufin Green Finance shares opening on a positive note, reaching a 5% upper circuit and achieving a new lifetime high of ₹219.25 per share. Demonstrating its strength, the stock maintained a 5% upper circuit for the second consecutive session, consistently setting new record highs over the last three sessions.

Mufin Green Finance Share Price Journey: In the past month alone, the NBFC stock has experienced an impressive rise, escalating from approximately ₹164.30 to ₹219.25 per share, reflecting over 30% growth during this period. Over the last six months, the stock has surged by a staggering 400%, while year-to-date (YTD) it has shown a commendable 30% increase. Looking back five years, this multibagger stock has witnessed an extraordinary ascent from ₹3.16 per share to ₹219.25 per share, signifying an astonishing 6,800% rise.

Key Financial Details: Mufin Green Finance, listed on both NSE and BSE, recorded a substantial trade volume of 51,616 on Monday. With a market cap of ₹3,307 crore, the stock’s 52-week high reached ₹219.25, the same level achieved in the latest trading session, while its 52-week low stands at ₹34.23 per share.

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