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Exotica Sweet: Lucknow’s Delectable Gold-Infused Delight

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Lucknow, the city of culinary delights, is renowned for its rich and diverse gastronomic offerings. From the delectable Galauti Kebabs and fragrant Awadhi Biryani to the irresistible Shahi Tukda and Zafrani Kheer, the city’s streets are a treasure trove of gastronomy. Recently, Lucknow garnered international attention for its unique and opulent sweet delicacy, infused with 24-carat gold and boasting a price tag that rivals the Sensex.

Nestled in the heart of the city’s bustling Sadar Bazaar, the famous Chhappan Bhog sweet shop offers a truly exceptional confectionery experience. Their pièce de résistance is the Exotica Sweet, a sumptuous creation adorned with 24K gold leaf and an array of exotic dry fruits sourced from various corners of the globe. The sheer extravagance of this confectionery has captivated the city’s elite, making it a symbol of prestige and status.

The Exotica Sweet, handcrafted by Chhappan Bhog, holds the distinction of being one of Lucknow’s most expensive sweets. A culinary masterpiece that epitomizes luxury, this sweet was first conceived in 2009 upon the request of a discerning customer. Its unrivaled popularity soon spread worldwide, and it has become a coveted symbol of opulence.

As India finds itself enthralled by the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup amid the festive season, Chhappan Bhog is determined to stay ahead of market trends. To commemorate the cricketing extravaganza, they’ve introduced a special edition of the Exotica Sweet, fashioned in the colors and shape of the World Cup. However, once the tournament concludes, the sweet’s appearance will transform once again. Ravindra Gupta, the owner of Chhappan Bhog, revealed that “the price of gold is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, it is difficult to say that the price of this sweet will remain at only Rs 50,000.”

Intriguingly, gifting sweets at weddings has become a cherished tradition, and the Exotica Sweet is a sought-after choice. As the wedding season commences, demand for this delectable indulgence surges, and it is sold at a princely rate of Rs 50,000 per kilogram, each kilo comprising 100 individual pieces. A single piece of Exotica weighs 10 grams and costs Rs 500, making it a coveted addition to wedding celebrations. The sweet is also available in a beautifully crafted gift box, containing four pieces, which retails at Rs 2,000.

During festive seasons and special wedding ceremonies, the 100-piece box becomes a preferred choice among patrons. Additionally, the allure of the Exotica Sweet extends far beyond the city limits, as people from around the world, including England, London, the USA, and Dubai, place orders for the 100-piece box priced at Rs 55,000.

In addition to its lavish infusion of 24-carat gold, the Exotica Sweet is enriched with an assortment of globally sourced premium dry fruits. Ingredients such as South African Macadamia nuts, Kinnaur’s Pine Nuts from Himachal Pradesh, Iranian Mamra Almonds, American Blueberries, Afghan Pistachios, Turkish Hazelnuts, and Kashmiri Saffron all contribute to the exquisite tapestry of flavors that define this extraordinary confectionery delight.

In the world of culinary opulence, Lucknow’s Exotica Sweet shines as a true gem, appealing to those with a taste for the extraordinary and an appreciation for the finest ingredients.

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