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Toyota Halts Global Shipments of 10 Cars Over Certification Concerns

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Toyota Motor Corporation has recently slammed the brakes on the shipment of 10 cars following revelations from its supplier, Toyota Industries Corporation, about certification issues affecting certain diesel engines.

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An in-depth investigation brought to light irregularities in the horsepower output testing process. This anomaly was attributed to the use of computer modules running software distinct from the mass production version, resulting in a narrower range of values.

This development comes in the wake of Toyota’s subsidiary, Daihatsu, putting a halt to shipments last month due to improper collision safety testing and manipulation of test results spanning back to 1989. The investigation exposed inconsistencies in horsepower output testing for three engine types, impacting 10 vehicles globally, including six in Japan.

Originally focused on certification problems related to forklift engines, the committee broadened its scope in light of recent findings. Toyota responded to these revelations by stating, “Going forward, we will be involved in all companywide activities to help rebuild Toyota Industries and review the situation to thoroughly ensure that safety and quality are the top priorities.”

List of Affected Models:

  • Hilux pick-up truck
  • Land Cruiser 300 SUV

In addition to the suspension of shipments, Toyota has decided to recall 320,000 Daihatsu vehicles.

As the story unfolds, Japan’s transport ministry is set to conduct on-site inspections of Toyota Industries starting from January 30, responding to the disclosure of certification issues. This development adds another layer of complexity for Toyota, as it grapples with the aftermath of improper testing and certification processes within its subsidiaries and suppliers.

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Amid these challenges, the company remains committed to rebuilding trust and prioritizing safety and quality in all its operations.

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