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Suzuki Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Burgman Maxi-Scooter at Japan Mobility Show

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Suzuki has taken the wraps off its groundbreaking hydrogen-fueled Burgman test scooter at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, offering a glimpse of the future of eco-friendly urban mobility. Here’s a closer look at the features and design of this innovative maxi-scooter:

Sleek Design and Maxi-Scooter Dimensions

The hydrogen-powered Burgman is based on the existing Burgman 400 ABS model, known for its sleek design and larger dimensions that are characteristic of maxi-scooters. The prototype is equipped with a high-pressure 70Mpa hydrogen tank, likely situated beneath the floorboard and directly connected to the engine. While the official launch of the production model may take some time, the prototype promises a revolutionary step towards sustainable urban commuting.

Stylish and Functional

The hydrogen-powered Burgman features a split-type headlight with a smoked upright visor, a muscular bodywork typical of maxi-scooters, a central spine, and a contoured single-piece seat for rider comfort. The hardware configuration is expected to align with the Burgman 400 ABS, which includes telescopic front forks, a rear mono-shock unit, and disc brakes on both ends. Rolling on 15-inch alloy wheels equipped with wide-section tires, this maxi-scooter balances style and function.

A Different Approach to Hydrogen

Suzuki is taking a unique approach to hydrogen power by incorporating a hydrogen engine into the existing Burgman 400 ABS using a combustion system, rather than relying on a traditional fuel cell. This approach represents a fresh perspective on alternative fuel sources for urban transportation.

A Glimpse of the Electric Future

In addition to the hydrogen-powered test scooter, Suzuki also showcased the e-Burgman at the motor show, demonstrating their commitment to electrified urban mobility solutions. With electric and hydrogen-powered offerings, Suzuki is poised to meet the evolving demands of eco-conscious riders.

While an official timeline for the release of the hydrogen-powered Burgman production model has not been provided, the prospect of this innovative eco-friendly maxi-scooter entering the market is eagerly anticipated. It represents a significant step forward in sustainable and efficient urban transportation.

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